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The purpose of Hortulus is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening and creative design; to protect, restore and improve the quality of the environment through education, programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement.


PO Box 4666

Greenwich, CT 06831

Hortulus Awards June 3, 2021 

The Hortulus Awards Committee is honored to announce the 2021 recipients of our Club. These members have been exceptional in a multitude of ways and we hope all will join us in heartily congratulating them. 


Auxiliary Achievement Award

Awarded to an Auxiliary member for achievement in any field.

Carrie Emery

Marcy Crutcher Auxiliary Award

Awarded to an Auxiliary member for enthusiasm and potential in the field of horticulture.

Eunice Burnett  


Beezie Brownell Award

Awarded to a Hortulus member for “personal commitment to gardening” (Awarded to a “grower”, a real dirt gardener, Doesn’t necessarily have to be a mentor or teacher – could just be doing it for herself and her own garden.)

Shelby Saer


Do Clarke Award

Awarded to a Hortulus member for selfless interest in the field of horticulture. (This is more for selfless mentoring, sharing her knowledge of and passion for horticulture or awarded to a real “go-to” person.)

Trina Horine - her steadfast commitment to Horticulture workshops including the Amaryllis Workshop, and representing Hortulus through her service as Division II Horticulture Chair for GCA Annual Meeting 2021


Floral Design

Mrs. Henry F. Schwarz Memorial Trophy

Awarded to a Hortulus member who graciously gives of her time and talent in the field of flower arranging.

Pam Reimers & Abby Pillari Hosting Floral Design education virtual workshop for the membership via Zoom in Pam’s kitchen.  And for their tremendous efforts, plans, and for writing a wonderful Flower Show Schedule as the Zone II Meeting Flower Show Chairs that was unfortunately canceled October 13-14, 2020 due to COVID health pandemic.

Botanical Arts Creativity Award
Awarded to a Hortulus member for the most distinguished Botanical Arts creation of the year.

Nina Weld & Michele Smith research, design, and stitching beautiful needlepoint pillow for GCA Annual Meeting 2021 receiving third place award.



Dr. Jane Lockwood Memorial Photography Prize

Awarded to a Hortulus member for outstanding work in photography.

Anne Friday



Anna Rockefeller Prize for Conservation

Awarded to a Hortulus member for her ability to intelligently inform or inspire others in the cause of conservation.

Jeannine Getz

Ann Rockefeller Elliman Conservation Award

Awarded by Hortulus to an individual or organization in the Town of Greenwich for an outstanding contribution in the field of Conservation. Ann Elliman nominates Andy Chapin, Land Steward of Greenwich Audubon


Civic Improvement

Civic Improvement Award

Awarded for a major contribution to the quality of life in Greenwich.

Anne Louise Bostock, Brooke Bremer, Annesley MacFarlane, and Kelly Watts “Thanksgiving Angels” who thoughtfully & generously created beautiful floral arrangements with bottles of wine and gift cards hand delivered to more than a half a dozen homebound Hortuli.


Other Awards

Communications Award (new award in 2021)

Awarded to a Hortulus member in recognition of her outstanding contribution through the use of technology to aid member communication, meetings, and workshops.

Michele Smith 

Demonstration Award

Awarded to a Hortulus member for a special exhibit or demonstration.

Mary Helen Holzschuh and Ally Myerberg -Ho Ho Ho Hortulus Holiday festive home, floral design, and table decorating presentation.

Hortulus Certificate of Excellence

Awarded to a member of Hortulus for outstanding contributions made during the year that do not fit the usual award parameters. (3 recipients)

Annelsey MacFarlane – For seamlessly handling the Zoom Committee Meeting logistics


Pamela Frame – For representing Hortulus through her outstanding Technical support & service at GCA Annual Meeting 2021


Meg Piper – generously sharing her time and incredible talents singing at Ho Ho Ho Hortulus, and other venues such as Nathaniel Witherell

Literary Achievement Award

Awarded to a Hortulus member for literary achievement related to Hortulus interests.

Bridget Bucknall, Trina Horine, Wendy Serrell & Christina VanderlipAssisting Susan Schieffelin & Nina King in writing the Flower Show Schedule for GCA Annual Meeting hosted by Zone II

Men’s Prize
A. Martin F. Cannon as “Santa” in Ho Ho Ho Hortulus 2020

Migi Serrell Prize

Awarded to a member for bringing distinction to Hortulus through significant contributions within Hortulus and beyond.

Bridget Bucknall & Wendy Serrell their tremendous work as Division I Floral Design Chairs for GCA Annual Meeting 2021


Achievement Award (Mrs. J Stillman Rockefeller)

Awarded by the Executive Committee to a Hortulus member in recognition of outstanding achievement or an arrangement of special merit in Hortulus shows or important outside shows. (Awarded by the Executive Committee, not the Awards Committee. The award is more for effort over time, in numerous flower shows)

Beth Ryder & Amy Lowden - For their tremendous efforts, plans, and preparation as the Zone II Meeting Chairs that was unfortunately canceled October 13-14, 2020 due to COVID health pandemic


President’s Prize
Awarded to the Hortulus member, who in the President’s opinion, up holds in every way the finest tradition of Hortulus. (The President decides. Cannot be awarded more than once to the same member.)

Ally Myerberg

GCA Years of Service

We are delighted to recognize the following members for their dedicated service to Hortulus and GCA as of 2021!


Anne Bingham

Christina Vanderlip

Colleen Hempleman

Ginny Gray

Heather Mosley

Leigh Carpenter

Linda Cummin

Lucy Stitzer

Mary Helen Holzschuh

Mary Jones

Rinda Bishop

Robin Perkins

Rosita Trinca

Sarah Brown

Suzy Malloch



Brooks Melly

Nanette Burrows

Nanny Cannon

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