Encourages members of Hortulus as well as the entire community to recognize their personal responsibility 

to act as individuals to preserve, protect and improve the environment.


TriClub Conservation is a partnership between the Conservation Committees of three local Greenwich garden clubs: Hortulus, Greenwich Garden Club and Green Fingers Garden Club.

Our purpose is to promote respect for natural resources and responsibility for environmental stewardship by engaging local residents with leaders in environmental advocacy.


This is a new community online resource to promote waste free living for Greenwich residents. GRAB and DPW are working hand in hand to get the Food Scrap Recycling Program up and running and they need our support.

Please consider pre-signing up at wastefreegreenwich@gmail.com with your name, town (neighborhood) and whether you would like to volunteer.

Letters of support can be sent to the following people:

Amy Siebert, DPW Commissioner


Patrick Collins, Holly Hill


Patricia Sesto, Environmental Affairs


Peter Tesei

Phone: 203-622-7710

Fred Camillo


Lauren Rabin


Jill Oberlander


Sandy Litvak

Phone: 203-622-7706

Let them know you support this program and why (reduces waste stream, enhances town reputation as a sustainable community, increases awareness about food waste, etc) and that you’re hoping to see it operational by spring.

Learn about the impact climate change has on ocean health, coral ecosystems,

acidification and sea level rise.


Conservation Commission

Guest Speaker

Dr. Diane Lewis

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