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The Emmy Ogden Mentoring Award

The Emmy

Emmy Ogden, a 49 year member of Hortulus, generously shared her creative talents and volunteered her time teaching floral design and horticulture workshops to individuals, garden clubs, the altar guild and the Garden Education Center of Greenwich.

Emmy’s intelligence and relaxed, engaging manner made her a natural mentor and teacher whose influence remains impactful to this day.

Emmy passed away in July 2021. She had a lovely spirit and shining blue eyes and she is sorely missed by all who knew her. Her family asked that her spirit of incredible kindness and generosity be remembered by memorial gifts donated in her name to Hortulus. Our club has gratefully established the Emmy Ogden Mentoring Award, The Emmy,  which honors her lifelong commitment to mentoring. This award, given annually, will recognize those in our community who provide outstanding mentorship while:

  • inspiring the love and knowledge of nature
  • fostering all forms of creativity
  • demonstrating a generosity of spirit

The Emmy, created by Emmy’s children and Hortulus,
honors her lifelong commitment to mentoring those in our community.

The amount of the award is $2,000 and may be presented annually
to one 
or more recipients.

What does this award recognize?

Hortulus offers The Emmy Ogden Mentoring Award, The Emmy, to an individual or group in our surrounding community who provides outstanding mentorship while:

  • inspiring the love and knowledge of nature

  • fostering all forms of creativity

  • demonstrating a generosity of spirit

Who is eligible?

Any individual or group who while working in the greater Greenwich community provides direct and outstanding mentorship. 

Who can propose a candidate?

Any Hortulus member may propose a candidate to The Emmy Committee in full confidentiality. Emmy's children may propose a candidate as well. The award is administered by Hortulus’ The Emmy Committee. 

How to propose a candidate:

Please contact The Emmy Committee at theemmyawardhortulus@gmail.com for further information.

Deadline & Award Presentation:

This year the application deadline is April 1, 2024.  The nominating process for The Emmy should be a confidential one. The candidate should not be aware that s/he is being considered for this award. Please do your best to learn about the candidate's background from co-workers and friends, and use approximate dates as needed.

This year the presentation of The Emmy will be at the Hortulus Annual Awards Meeting, Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

October 2023

Link to Application

The Emmy Committee

Cary Keigher – Chair

Adrienne Westerfield- Hortulus President

Jeanine Behr Getz - Hortulus Treasurer

Bridget Bucknall

Nanny Cannon

Emily D'Andrea

Kristin Duda

Icy Frantz

Lile Gibbons

Charlotte Minor

Heather Sargent

Kristan Zimmermann

Advisory Committee

Bridget Bucknall 

Emily D'Andrea

Jane Ghazarossian

Beth Ryder

Wendy Serrell

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